Fitting Engineered Wood

Fitting Engineered Wood

Fitting Engineered Wood is one of the service Real Wood Flooring is specialized in during the past decades. Engineered floors are now very popular option among many home owners, who would like quality wooden floor fitted in their property.

With Professional Fitting of Engineered Wood you will benefit from:

To get a Quality Flooring, there are few essential things that you should consider:

  • Quality Engineered Flooring
  • Professional Flooring Installers
  • Preparation work
  • Finishing details

With Real Wood Flooring, you can get the best possible combination of all.

Fitting Engineered Wood

Quality Flooring Materials

Real Wood Flooring Provides Quality Engineered oak flooring in number of different sizes, grades, thickness & finish. All of our flooring comes from well managed and sustainable sources. Sourced and machined in Europe, our European Engineered oak is by any means of the fines quality engineered flooring, available on the British Flooring Market. All of our Engineered Flooring products comes with full guarantee on it’s structural integrity and you can rest assured that the engineered wood fitted in your property is going to be a long term investment in your home.

Underfloor Heating is now more and more popular and there is an increased demand for installation of this heating system (electrical or water type) in many properties in Watford, London, and surrounding areas. In order to combine Underfloor heating with timber flooring, the right (and perhaps the only) choice is to install Engineered Wood. Our Engineered flooring is fully compatible with any underfloor heating systems and you can benefit from the warmth & nature beneath your feet at the same time.

Chose the Right Flooring Contractor

All you need for Fitting Engineered Wood in the hands of a single flooring contractor. No need to worry about anything. Leave the Professional flooring work to the Professionals. Get your Quote & book a visit Today!

Experienced & Reliable Floor Fitters

Fitting Engineered Wood

With years of experience in Professional Fitting Engineered Wood, our Company builds its reputation in Watford & London. Quality flooring work, can only be done by experienced and qualified engineered floor layer. Installation of Engineered flooring is something that most of the common builders are happy to undertake and include it in their work. In general experienced carpenter should do just as good installation of the floor, however as Professional Flooring Installation company, we are confident that our engineered wood fitters will do much better job. With attention to the very last details, our flooring work will be completed to the to the highest possible standards.

Often the flooring work is quicker & more cost effective, if you chose Professional Floor fitters rather than common builder or simply man & van.

Installation Methods of Engineered Wood

Using the latest and approved flooring installation techniques, our flooring fitters can install your engineered flooring in number of ways, depending on the current environment & specifics.

Fitting Engineered Wood as a Floating Floor

Installation of Engineered wood as a floated floor is a standard and most common technique for fitting of engineered timber. Using this installation method, gives you freedom not to do massive preparation of the subfloor base, which will potentially gives you some savings of your flooring budget.

When fitting engineered wood as a floated floor you have the freedom to chose an appropriate underlay, which will add some moisture, sound or thermal benefits to your flooring.

Gluing Down Engineered Wood

Gluing down is another standard installation method for engineered wood. This method of installation gives you the opportunity to fully bond your flooring on to the base, creating stable and solid feel of your wooden floor. Our Experienced floor fitters would use flexible engineered wood flooring adhesive in order to maximize the stability of the chosen engineered timber.

Our Quality Engineered wood is perfectly suitable to be glued down, as it has plywood base, which is recommended structure of the engineered flooring, that needs to be bonded on to the subfloor. Please note that some budget options of Engineered wood have completely different structure, which is not suitable for this method of installation.

Secret Nailing Engineered Flooring Installation

Nailing down a floor board requires that there are wooden joists or wooden subfloor, to nail the boards into. The ‘secret’ part of this method is that the nails are hidden from above because they are driven through the tongue that runs down the side of the flooring board. The tongue is then slotted into the groove on the adjacent board, hiding the nails from view.

For this method you need flooring boards of at least 18mm thick. Our Standard Engineered Wood Flooring  comes in 20mm total thickness and it is suitable for this method of installation. Once again, pretty much no budget option engineered flooring will be compatible to be secret nailed.

We are happy to provide with Professional Service & Advise

All you need for Fitting Engineered Wood in the hands of a single flooring contractor. No need to worry about anything. Leave the Professional flooring work to the Professionals. Get your Quote & book a visit Today!

Preparation of Subfloor

Good Preparation work is a key to good flooring work. It is essential to have subfloor prepared for your new engineered wood fitting.  This is where you would really need a professional advise in order to do the flooring work right. Our surveyors are happy to advise about any potential requirements of the existing base that would be of a significant importance to the installation of your engineered wood. There are number of things that may be required and/or recommended to be carried prior fitting of your engineered wood, such as:

  • Removing of existing floor covering and sub floor.
  • Leveling of the existing joists or concrete.
  • Installation of plywood, in order to provide firm base of the new engineered wood.
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound proofing
  • Damp proofing

Real Wood Flooring is happy to assist with any preparation work that is required. We’ll be also happy to discuss particular requirements or to advise about such with other contractors currently involved in your renovation project.

Engineered Oak Fitting

Full Service Guarantee

Choosing the right quality Engineered wood flooring, as well as the Professional floor fitting Company will Guarantee not only the quality of the floor, but it will significantly improve the lifespan of the flooring itself.

Real Wood Flooring provides Full Service Guarantee. Going with single flooring contractor for the complete flooring service (preparation, supply, installation & finishing (if required)) will not only gives you a piece of mind and fully guarantee the flooring work, but also it is usually the most cost effective option for fitting of engineered wood in your property.

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Real Wood Flooring is here for your Flooring Project!

All you need for Fitting Engineered Wood in the hands of a single flooring contractor. No need to worry about anything. Leave the Professional flooring work to the Professionals. Get your Quote & book a visit Today!