Laying Parquet Flooring

Laying Parquet Flooring

Laying Parquet Flooring is one of the service Real Wood Flooring build it’s reputation on. Installation of Parquet flooring is not a straight forward task and there are a lot of things that needs to be considered in order to do a spot on Parquet job.

With Professional Laying Parquet Flooring you will benefit from:

Quality parquet flooring installation work would depends on few essential things, such as:

  • Quality Parquet Flooring
  • Experienced Floor Layers
  • Preparation work
  • Finishing details

With Real Wood Flooring, you can get the best possible combination of all.

Laying Parquet Flooring

Quality Parquet Flooring

Real Wood Flooring Provides Quality Oak Parquet flooring in various different sizes & grades. All of our parquet flooring comes from well managed and sustainable sources. Sourced and machined in Europe, our European Parquet is by any means of the fines quality Parquet flooring, available on the British Flooring Market. Our Solid Herringbone parquet products comes with full guarantee on it’s structural integrity and you can rest assured that the wood blocks, fitted in your property is going to be a long term investment in your home.

Underfloor Heating is now more and more popular and there is an increased demand for installation of this heating system (electrical or water type) in many properties in Watford, London, and surrounding areas. If you are planning to have underfloor heating in your home and would require Herringbone parquet flooring, Real Wood Flooring can offer Engineered parquet blocks which will be fully compatible with the type of the heating system you would like to go with.

The Best Parquet Flooring Installers

All you need for Laying Parquet Flooring in the hands of a single flooring contractor. No need to worry about anything. Leave the Professional flooring work to the Professionals. Get your Quote & book a visit Today!

Experienced & Reliable Floor Layers

Laying Parquet Flooring

With years of experience in Professional Parquet Floor laying, our Company builds its reputation in Watford & London. Quality flooring work, can only be done by experienced and qualified parquet floor layer. As it is very specialized task, installation of parquet flooring would require experienced craftsmen & professional machinery & tools. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to supply, install & finish your dreamed parquet flooring in either herringbone style, Chevron, Basket weave or other classic parquet patterns.

Often the flooring work is quicker & more cost effective, if you chose Professional Floor fitters rather than common builder or simply man & van.

Parquet Floor Laying Techniques

The recommended installation method for a classic Parquet flooring is Gluing Down. As it comes in individual and usually small size wood blocks, gluing of your parquet on to the subfloor will give you the best and the most durable installation of parquet flooring in long term.

Gluing Down Parquet flooring

This method of installation gives you the opportunity to fully bond your flooring on to the base, creating stable and solid feel of your wooden floor. Our Experienced floor fitters would use flexible engineered wood flooring adhesive in order to maximize the stability of the chosen engineered timber.

Our Quality Herringbone parquet flooring is perfectly suitable to be glued down on to the subfloor.

Face Pinned Parquet flooring

In the old days the parquet has been faced pinned on to a timber base (often on to an existing floor boards. It is not a common practice to Lay parquet flooring in this way, as it compromises on structural stability of the flooring and aesthetics of it (as there are visible pins on to the face of the wood blocks). This method however may have been specifically required, if you need to match the appearance of an existing old parquet flooring or to restore parquet flooring in listed building for example.

For our parquet floor layers , there are no secrets in the installation of herringbone or other popular patterns and would be happy to advise about the best possible way of parquet floor installation, taking in to consideration any particular job site specifics.

We are happy to provide with Professional Service & Advise

All you need for Laying Parquet Flooring in the hands of a single flooring contractor. No need to worry about anything. Leave the Professional flooring work to the Professionals. Get your Quote & book a visit Today!

Preparation of Subfloor

Good Preparation work is a key to good flooring work. It is essential to have subfloor prepared for your laying of your new Parquet Flooring.  This is where you would really need a professional advise in order to do the flooring work right. Our surveyors are happy to advise about any potential requirements of the existing base that would be of a significant importance to the installation of your Parquet flooring in the desired parquet pattern. There are number of things that may be required and/or recommended to be carried prior fitting of your Parquet Flooring, such as:

  • Removing of existing floor covering and sub floor.
  • Leveling of the existing joists or concrete.
  • Installation of plywood, in order to provide firm base of the new engineered wood.
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound proofing
  • Damp proofing

Real Wood Flooring is happy to assist with any preparation work that is required. We’ll be also happy to discuss particular requirements or to advise about such with other contractors currently involved in your renovation project.

Laying Herringbone Parquet Flooring

Full Service Guarantee

Choosing the right quality Parquet flooring, as well as the Professional floor laying Company will Guarantee not only the quality of the floor, but it will significantly improve the lifespan of the flooring itself.

Real Wood Flooring provides Full Service Guarantee. Going with single flooring contractor for the complete flooring service (preparation, supply, installation & finishing (if required)) will not only gives you a piece of mind and fully guarantee the flooring work, but also it is usually the most cost effective option for laying parquet flooring in your property.

Professional Installation of Engineered WoodHerringbone ParquetSolid Hardwood Flooring

Real Wood Flooring is here for your Flooring Project!

All you need for Laying Parquet Flooring in the hands of a single flooring contractor. No need to worry about anything. Leave the Professional flooring work to the Professionals. Get your Quote & book a visit Today!