Sanding Oak Planks

Sanding Oak Planks

Sanding of Oak planks, back to their formal glory, is service, which Real Wood Flooring proudly provides to it’s domestic & commercial customers in the past decades. There is no secrets in oak flooring sanding work for our experienced flooring craftsmen. Using the latest DUST FREE Machines & technologies, your oak planks will be renovated quickly and without any mess.

With Professional Sanding of Oak Plansk you will benefit from:

Quality Oak Planks Sanding would depends on few essential things, such as:

  • Professional (DUST FREE) Sanding Equipment
  • Experienced Floor Sanders
  • Quality Flooring Finishes

With Real Wood Flooring, you can get the best possible combination of all.

Sanding Oak Planks

Dust FREE Floor Sanding Equipment

Real Wood Flooring uses the latest, heavy duty, Professional Floor Sanding Machinery for Sanding oak planks. All of our Sanding Machines are Dust Free. They have dust extractor unit, which absorbs the majority of the dust created by the oak planks sanding, in order to minimize the impact on to the surrounding environment. The greatest benefit in sanding your oak planks using Dust Free machines is that it makes the process clean and tidy. The other great benefit in using professional, heavy duty flooring sanding machinery is that, the sanding is done much quicker and of a greater quality.

DUST FREE Sanding of Oak Planks

All you need for Sanding Oak Planks in the hands of a single flooring contractor. No need to worry about anything. Leave the Professional flooring work to the Professionals. Get your Quote & book a visit Today!

Experienced & Reliable Flooring Craftsmen

Sanding Oak Planks

Quality Flooring Sanding Equipment on its own is often not enough to achieve good Sanding of Oak Planks. It is particularly important to use Professional Floor Sanding People in order to guarantee the best possible result in Oak Flooring Sanding Work. Using various grits of sandpaper from coarse to fine, in order to remove the old/worn layer of the timber and create nice & smooth surface of your restored oak boards.

Sanding of your oak planks by non professionals may severely damage the wooden flooring. Always make sure that you are using Professional Floor Sanding Company for the best possible result.

Often the flooring work is quicker, better in quality & more cost effective, if you chose Professional Floor Sanders rather than common builder or simply man & van.

Preparation for Sanding Oak Planks

Before the actual flooring sanding begin, it is important to assess the condition of the existing oak planks. Usually, during our initial site survey our surveyors check the integrity of the existing wooden flooring and advise if particular attention needs to be made on to:

  • Fixing any loose oak plank.
  • Replace any badly damaged or missing boards.
  • Carry any repairs where an old fireplace or wall has been removed.
  • Gap filling of any open gaps using mix of resin & saw dust.
  • Extending of the oak planks in to new room/area

In order to properly assess the condition of the flooring, we at Real Wood Flooring would require the oak planks that requires restoration to be completely exposed during the site survey. Partially lifting up the floor covering (carpet), may not show us the full picture of the current condition of your oak floor. Where completely exposing of the existing flooring is not possible, we can always provide you with a provisional figure or advise about such, beforehand.

Once all of the necessary preparations for Sanding Oak Planks are carried, the timber flooring is ready to be sanded and polished in a professional manner by Real Wood Flooring.

We are happy to provide with Professional Service & Advise

All you need for Sanding Oak Planks in the hands of a single flooring contractor. No need to worry about anything. Leave the Professional flooring work to the Professionals. Get your Quote & book a visit Today!

Flooring Finishes

The final part of Sanding of  your Oak Planks is the application of the required floor finish. The chosen finish will protect your flooring from moisture, dirt, wear, etc. It is of a particular importance to chose the right floor finish for your flooring renovation project. Some finishes, such as Heavy Duty/Commercial Grade Varnish are more durable than others and are recommended to be applied in commercial, high traffic areas. With other finishes, Hard Wax Oil for example, your flooring will benefit from much more natural feel and appearance.

Real Wood Flooring is Happy to provide you with the required flooring finish, which is the most appropriate for your Oak Planks Renovation work. Our surveyors would be more than happy to assist you with the choice of the floor finish, taking in to consideration your personal preferences, as well as job site specifics.

Changing the colour of the wood is possible to be done during the sanding of oak planks. Our Professional Floor Sanders will be more than happy to apply some samples of different stains on to the flooring, during the renovation work, so you can see the actual appearance in your own flooring & lights. This is the best way of choosing the right colour of your renovated oak flooring.

Solid Oak Fitting Sanding Oak Planks

Full Service Guarantee

The quality of the Oak Planks Sanding work, can only be guaranteed  by a professional Flooring Sanding & Restoration Company. As all steps of the renovation work (preparation, sanding, polishing, finishing) are related to each other, the only way in achieving the best possible result is to be carried by Professionals in professional manner.

All of the finishes we use are sourced from well established and highly reputable wood floor finishing manufacturers, which is another way to guarantee that your freshly sanded oak planks, will retain their beauty for as long period of time.

More Reasons To Chose Real Wood Flooring

Our Experienced Craftsmen are at your disposal to provide the best Real Wood Floor Fitting & Sanding Service for your Domestic & Commercial Project. Our Experts are always happy to provide you with experienced advise about your flooring work and offer number of options that would suit any particular needs & budget.

Our Flooring Experts would work to complete your flooring work with attention to the very last detail. Making sure that the flooring work (installation or renovation) is complete to the highest possible standards and always according to your schedule.

Our Company is highly recommended across the local communities in Watford & London Area. As well Establish business, providing quality Products and services, most of our day to day work comes from recommendations and return clients.

Professionalism in every aspect of our work is our way of thinking. Our personal approach to every single client & wooden flooring work is our guarantee for quality workmanship for your project. We never compromise on quality and reliability.

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Real Wood Flooring is here for your Flooring Project!

All you need for Sanding Oak Planks in the hands of a single flooring contractor. No need to worry about anything. Leave the Professional flooring work to the Professionals. Get your Quote & book a visit Today!